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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  January 2, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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captioned by the national captioning institute brace yourself and bundle up. temperatures are taking a nosedive and will get colder. a wind advisory is in effect. steve rudin has a first look at the forecast. >> bundle up, temperatures are falling in the belfort furniture weather center all afternoon. now the wind chill factor starting to become a little bit of an issue. currently at wtop radio, upper northwest, it feels like 5 degrees. we have had wind gusts of up to
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40 m.p.h., feels like 11 degrees in arlington, 8 degrees in arlington. the advisory in effect until 4:00 tomorrow morning. it includes all of that area. i have a feeling they will extend that into the daytime hours tomorrow as we could have wind gusts around 45-50 m.p.h. coming up, the extended outlook and when we will finally have a warm-up. the wizards will hit the hard would it tonight as gilbert arenas faces allegations of pulling a gun on a teammate. richard reeve is live at the verizon center with the latest developments. >> this is the story that all the fans are talking about. gilbert arenas refers to himself
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as "the new john wayne," and now the police are investigating. on his blustery game day -- >> why would anyone bring it a gun to their place of business? >> controversy around gilbert arenas. >> if anyone were to carry a weapon into a locker room, it is not acceptable. >> the new york post has reported that arenas and teammate krugerrand have drawn guns on each other during a dispute. last week, both arenas and wizards acknowledged he had kept unloaded guns in his locker. that troubled many fans. >> i understand protection, but not in the locker room. >> on his twitter page, gilbert arenas said --
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>> if you are a professional athlete, you know you are the ones out there paying the bills. you feel above the law. >> nba policy restricts firearms at leake facilities. now d.c. police and prosecutors are investigating. >> we're all human and we all make mistakes, but if he had gotten a call, if he had not gotten caught, maybe something worse would have happened. >> arenas said he brought the gun to verizon because he wanted to keep them away from his children at home but denied he was involved in an armed confrontation. it at this time, it is possible he could be fined or face suspension. we're told he is starting tonight. a suspicious package caused problems around the rise in center this evening. the police investigated and determined it was harmless
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around the verizon center. president obama has ordered a full briefing on what went wrong in response to the attempted bombing of a flight headed for detroit. john cochran has the latest. >> president obama is holding al qaeda directly responsible for the botched bombing aboard a detroit-bound flight on christmas day, saying that umar farouk abdulmutallab was involved. >> al qaeda in the arabian peninsula train him with the explosives and directed him to attack that airplane heading toward america. >> the administration has faced increasing scrutiny of the past week as more information about the suspect has come out, including why the agencies in charge of preventing terrorist attacks appeared to be caught by surprise. as a result, the president has called for agencies to share information more readily. after he returns from vacation,
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he plans to meet with intelligence and homeland security officials to try to resolve the current problems. >> i will do everything in my power to make sure our hard- working men and women in intelligence, not law enforcement, homeland security have the tools and resources they need. >> some experts believe the intelligence community needs to do a better job. >> having the information does not tell you much, but if you put it together with six other pieces, the picture emerges. they could not do that because the cia had not passed on the information in a timely manner. >> some meers have congress have called for hearings to determine which agency dropped the ball. prince gege's county police need your help to find t wo missing girls. there were last seen on december 29. the police say they walked away from a friend's house in
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suitland and have not been seen since. investigators say there are no signs of foul play but ask anyone with information to call the police. family and friends gathered in salisbury to remember a 11- year-old sarah foxwell. the police believe that a registered sex offender, thomas leggs, is responsible for her death. he has been charged with kidnapping and burglary but more charges are expected. his attorney says he denies denying -- denies harming the little girl. a d.c. firefighter who was a landlord is telling a different story than the tenant. pamela brown has the story. let's go to the package. we have lost her live shot. >> i cry every night for the things that are happening like this. >> it started with the walls
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leaking. than the mold started to grow on the windowsills and on her carpet. >> it was like i was walking and a pond. >> she has to wear boots in her living room. this wall is soaked. water pressure caused part of the bathroom ceiling to collapse. she said management told her sewage from the point above was causing the problem. >> just thinking about all the bacteria and everything, i could catch something by being here. >> she contacted her landlord, a d.c. firefighter, but has not heard back. we spoke to the landlord and he told a different story. they make the landlord the bad guy. >> robinson is three months behind on rent, ing more than $2,000. robinson says she is not paying up until the problems are fixed. >> i will fix whatever is broke.
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>> he says he learned of the problem just two weeks ago and it went to the home immediately and made temporary fixes until the could put new drywall in on monday. >> pamela brown, dealing with the windy weather and other gremlins. some metro stations are about to undergo a major cleaning. 42 stations will get for roche cleaning -- 42 stations will get through cleanings and new paint jobs. benches and railings will also be refinished. the work will be done in the middle of the night when the stations are closed. coming up, wind is racing across the area and the temperatures are not going anywhere. and a man comes to the rescue when three fishermen are nearly swept away. and the cartoonist who drew a controversial cartoon comes under attack.
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a man suspected of having ties to up at a faces charges after trying to attack a danish cartoonist. the smaller man was wheeled into court on a stretcher. an officer shot him as he tried to attack them. the cartoonist was a target after drawing caricatures jurors -- caricatures of the prophet mohammad. nominations for tommy to karzai or reject it. it at the end of the vote, 70% of the nominees were rejected. karzai says he will make new nominations for the posts but it is not clear when it will be announced. families gathered in
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pakistan to mournthe death of 96 people killed at a bombing at a volleyball game. funerals were held today. t bomber set off by 4 pounds of explosive yesterday. the village and northwest pakistan had tried to heal but many are too scared to speculate about the blast. up next, a dramatic or rescue. -- up next a dramatic river rescue. and how long will the freezing temperatures to around? steve rudin will track the latest developments.
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d.c. schools face major budget cuts, but chancellor
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michelle rhee says she will fight to get money for classrooms and classroom supplies. areas facing sharp cuts include security, food service, and other programs under the school support category. comes from falling tax revenues and the end of the federal stimulus spending. you may want to bring your own back the next time you shop in the district. a new fee would into effect. they must now charge customers five cents for every sposable plastic bag. you can skip the fee or save money by bringing your own bag. the fees will be used to clean up the anacostia river. officials want to know what you think about plans to clean up the national mall. they include upgrades for the blogger, bathrooms, food, and entertainment facilities. it includes using a national what -- a natural water source for the reflecting pool and creating a cafe.
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and man and organic is being called a hero after rescuing three fishermen. rain started falling and the river quickly started to rise. their vehicle became waterlogged and they were stranded. one man managed to hold on to the suv but the father and son were swept away. >> is my hero. he saved my life. >> he tossed them life jackets and hauled them to shore. all three are expected to be ok. the new year got off to a snow we start and parts of new england. some areas could se over a foot of snow before the snow moves away tomorrow. coastal areas are also getting flooding. thousands of people and belgium
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faced frigid temperatures to plunge into the north sea. the temperature and out of the water was right around freezing. the annual event brought swimmers dressed in just about everything. always good to stretch. that way when you're like start to cramp up in the icy water. it is cold outside. tonight, we look for the wind chill factor once again to hover around zero degrees. even colder out to the west and ithe mountains, where they are looking at snow looking down pennsylvania avenue, the flag blowing in the wind. wind gusts today. 40 m.p.h.. the weatherbug network, currently seven degrees, feels like nine degrees below zero. high temperature of 15. 19 degrees currently at t. c. williams high school, high of
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24, wind chill factor of 12 degrees. feels like six degrees at children's hospital, daytime high of 26. high temperature at reagan national, 30. nowhere close to the record of 1876. 25 at the airport, 22 hagerstown. pittsburgh at 15 degrees. the really cold there? chicago, 7 degrees, 0 minneapolis. only 62 degrees in miami, about 10 deees below average. the satellite radar, snow across northern ohio, western pennsylvania and western maryland. for us, flurries earlier today, not amounting to much. winter storm warning for garrett county, a win the advisory until 4:00 in the morning for the entire area, probably extended
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for the daytime hours tomorrow including the district, fairfax, montgomery, prince george's county. we could have wind gusts around 45 m.p.h. the storm bring all the snow to new england, moving offshore. a tight pressure gradient. wind out of the northwest, and it will start to subside. not going to happen until looks like monday. a scattered clouds, cold, windy, temperatures in the teens, around 23 degrees downtown. by the afternoon tomorrow, the high just around freezing, the wind out of the northwest at 20- 30. with the higher wind gust, definitely a possibility that the wind chill factor will stay in the teens. a slight warm up on the way, but we have to wait until monday, temperatures in the middle thursday's -- middle 30's. the same thing on tuesday.
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tonight, probably the coldest night we will have all season. >> i was warmer playing and 2 feet of snow that i was today. it i miss it. >> drama in sports? pressure is mounting 4 filbert arenas. you heard about the -- pressure is mounting for gilbert arenas. sports is coming up.
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the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. the wizard welcomed the san antonio spurs and gilbert arenas will suit up and play, but much attention will be on him because of the mounting criminal investigation. a federal investigation into
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whether he pulled a gun on a teammate in a locker room at the verizon center. published reports say it started after an argument over a card game. the wizards confirmed that arenas stored 3 unloaded guns in his locker. gilbert says the story is false and head coach at flip saunders, reaction? >> right now, the destruction is not winning games. we try to focus on playing san antonio. we have had two days of good practice and we will see where it takes us. the washington capals on top ice, trying to get back on track into the win column. they are in action right now, taking on the los angeles kings. mike green gets the puck on the power play. back of the net, we are tied. we e now in the third, and the
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teams have add -- the kings have added a goal, so they are winning 2-1. the colonial athletic association is tough. ol dominion, a dangerous team, taking on a george mason. mason extends the lead. the dish, the flesh. mason wins the game. g.w. welcoming howard into the air arena. he knows how to make it count. collins led howard with 17. islicing into the lane, it's a hard way. the colonials turn back howard. with a cloud of uncertainty surrounding their head coach, the florida gators headed into
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the sugar bowl against no. 4 cincinnati very focuse urban meyer, may be his last game. tim tebow, definitely his last game. florida goes up 30-3. he throws for 482 yards, runs for 51. he sets the pc as bowl record for total offense, 533 yards. >> the most successful senior class in the scc, and considering the strength of this conference, the guy sitting next to me into a great senior year. he is one of the great singers of all time. mississippi beat oklahoma state today, the final 21-7. mississippi beat oklahoma state today, the final 21-7. >>
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a maryland newborn maybe the first newborn born in the u.s. this decade. she was born fo seconds after midnight. the doctor asked her to hold off, and her parents are thrilled. two other children are lying claim to that honor. >> you made that up. >> i would death had some choice words for the doctor. -- i would have had some choice words for the doctor. >> let's look at the forecast, not a bad night had, cold and ndy, temperatures in the
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teens. monday and tuesday, we will warm into the mid 30's. thank you for joining us. have you gotten your seasonal flu vaccination? great - but your work's not done yet. we still need to get the h1n1 flu vaccination. you, me -- we should all get one. the vaccine is safe and proven effective against this highly contagious new strain of flu virus. we can help prevent the spread of this virus
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